For the longest time, I have had these beautiful pictures sitting in my outbox but there were no words to go a long with them, rather the words I had were never good enough. I will start a topic and half way through, the sentences just come to a halt. Back to the archives until something else comes up.

That is how life is sometimes. We nitpick at things, trying to come up with the perfect lines, perfect situation, perfect words, perfect scenario, but the truth is that will never happen, we will never fully have it under control. We must learn to move with the flow. Create your own version of perfect. 

If this beauty was waiting for the perfect situation like me, this awesome photo shoot will not have happened. She smiled and posed like a pro as I clicked away oblivious to her headache. It was days later she let on. I would have never guessed.

How stunning is she? Her coral maxi dress was dressed up with pieces from our SICY Collection. (See here, here and here)

Would you dress these up or down? Love to hear from you.
Live Simply..Gugu C




Meeting you all those years ago has intensified my belief in loyalty. You know, that friend that has your back, that will defend you and sing your praises at every corner. Everyone needs that person in their life.
Her excitement is always genuine and she chooses to wear smile even in the face of adversity. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING can bring her down. Every time I need a pick me up, I know where to turn. 
She makes loving her easy. Cheerful and diligent, supportive in every way, making light of stressful situations. I could carry on singing her praises but I rather leave you to be mesmerized by the flawless beauty. 
She modeled some of her purchases from all our collections. Those still available, seen herehere and here.
When you know someone this HOT, you have no choice but to show her off in every angle. What was your favorite look? Which of these awesome African inspired pieces do you see in your closet?

Live Simply..Gugu C


It does not matter what part of the world you come from, your family upbringing or where you grew up, everyone understands LOVE. That is a universal language. We all know when we are loved and when that is lacking. 
Mutual respect is a sign of love. When this beauty came over for a visit, even though she did not speak our native language which we occasionally bounced into, she was not left out. The language of Love saw one of us unconsciously explaining what we were talking about or checking on if she was left out.
She graciously agreed to try on some statement necklaces and her outfit was perfectly matched to a couple of them. You can see them here and here.
I kept oohing and ahhing at how naturally beautiful she is, both inside and out. TOTALLY FLAWLESS. How would you style these pieces?
Live Simply..Gugu C


Moving through life, we meet loads of people. Some become like family, some just teach you vital life lessons so when you come across the right people, you appreciate them fully. I always go all out for friends because they are like family, but you actually get to choose them.
When this beauty came for a visit last weekend, we struck up a conversation about where she grew up, which happened to be where I lived when I first arrived in the sunshine state. Can you say DESTINY!! Turns out our paths were meant to cross as we have mutual FRAMILY (Yes, I think I just coined that, Friends who are more like Family. Oops, just did a quick google search and found I was beat to the coinage. hmmm!!). 
She was positively glowing as she chose her purchases. I can not wait to see how she styles the bright earrings purchased. Well, would have been a waste to let her go without trying on some of our accessories. Her outfit was perfectly matched to some of our Statement Necklace sets from our SICY Collection (see them here and here) and she soo kindly agreed to pose for the camera. 
How gorgeous does she look? How would you rock these beauties?
Live Simply..Gugu C


I have always thought, how hard is it to run a business and manage a blog? Well, I am not wondering anymore because I am fully experiencing the whirlwind that it is. You have to be passionate about sharing yourself with the world and always camera ready to capture your amazing style.

My goal for this blog is to showcase SoAfrican accessories with my style and that of my valued customers. I for one love seeing how people accessorize jewelry and draw inspiration from their unique taste. 

Dressing up usually begins from either my shoes or my jewelry. They set my mood for the day. When I saw these shoes in the shops, I immediately knew what jewelry and outfit I wanted to pair with it.

What inspires your outfits? We would love to hear from you. 

Live Simply..Gugu C


If the spring wont come to me, I will go get it. Nothing like bright pink to put a spring in my step. Well, I cannot really complain about the winter here in QLD. It is almost always bright and sunny with a light chance of rain. 

Today's outfit is not the only bright thing about today. The mass message about Jesus performing extra ordinary miracles by taking a very personal approach to the people leaves me with great hope. Jairus and the lady with the issue of blood trusted and believed. Their faith is what counted.

God does not require a grand show, or a large audience. The only prerequisite for a miracle is faith. Waking up, life, is a miracle. I choose to have faith. I choose live the miracle of Gods grace.

So, do you have faith? What do you hope for? Choose to trust and believe.

What did you get up to this Sunday?

Live Simply..Gugu C


When you see me smile, do you immediately assume I am happy? Or does that just mean I am great at hiding my pain.
At this age, we need to surround ourselves with positivity. A good friend will be able to see beyond the smile because when they look into our eyes, they see through to our soul. Not everyone is meant to remain in our lives, but every person we encounter is meant to make an impact, either negative or positive.
The effect of the negative impact is wholly dependent on our outlook, our reaction and our response. This is what turns it around in our favor and propels us into magnificence. 
Look for those friends that can see through the noise in your life. Choose to keep smiling because it sifts through those who are passersby and those who become family. Choose to laugh out loud because in every situation we should give thanks. Choose to even roll on the floor whilst laughing ridiculously because those who want to see you crumble will be confused and disheartened. Choose to laugh last.
What makes you smile? What makes you Laugh? 
Live Simply..Gugu C


It is amazing how some people enter your life and it seems like there was a time they never existed. Almost as if they were meant to be there, not only for a fleeting time, but as family. 

Everyone needs that friend with a bubbly personality who personifies the "Dynamites come in small packages" quote. I have found that friend. No, I will not share her, go get your own. OK, OK, her positivity is too massive to be bottled, so you can tap into it as well.

The excitement on her face was palpable when she saw the UCHE Collection. She had outfits planned in her head for each pair. She did save some for you guys though. I think she absolutely rocked the work outfit. Nothing basic about this black and grey getup when you add a pop of yellow into the mix.

What do you think? How would you rock your pair of Ankara Fabric Earrings?

Live Simply..Gugu C



Clutch bag from Materialistic JHB

I absolutely love the weather in Brisbane during winter. Its cold without being freezing and one can get away with just tights and a nice thick shawl or scarf. It is very easy to reach for dull colours when its cooler but a little pop of colour can bring life to your outfit.

I promise, the blue stripes were not planned.

What did you get up to this Sunday?

Live Simply..Gugu C