Moving through life, we meet loads of people. Some become like family, some just teach you vital life lessons so when you come across the right people, you appreciate them fully. I always go all out for friends because they are like family, but you actually get to choose them.
When this beauty came for a visit last weekend, we struck up a conversation about where she grew up, which happened to be where I lived when I first arrived in the sunshine state. Can you say DESTINY!! Turns out our paths were meant to cross as we have mutual FRAMILY (Yes, I think I just coined that, Friends who are more like Family. Oops, just did a quick google search and found I was beat to the coinage. hmmm!!). 
She was positively glowing as she chose her purchases. I can not wait to see how she styles the bright earrings purchased. Well, would have been a waste to let her go without trying on some of our accessories. Her outfit was perfectly matched to some of our Statement Necklace sets from our SICY Collection (see them here and here) and she soo kindly agreed to pose for the camera. 
How gorgeous does she look? How would you rock these beauties?
Live Simply..Gugu C

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04 October 2015 at 06:20 AM
umerah chizoba


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